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PERM labor certification lawyer Houston

PERM labor certification lawyer Houston

Are you looking for a knowledgeable PERM labor certification lawyer in Houston, TX? If so, you have come to the right place. Fong Ilagan can teach you the secrets of the labor certification process, also known as PERM. To be sure; there are multiple steps to this process, and the best way to get educated about PERM is to contact one of our PERM labor certification lawyers at Fong Ilagan.

What is Labor Certification?

A labor certification is required for companies that hire foreign nationals because the US government wants to make sure that US workers are not being adversely affected by a company's hiring of foreign nationals. PERM is the process through which your company will demonstrate to the US government that you are in compliance with all of its requirements and that your company has not discriminated against US workers.

The Importance of the Prevailing Wages Request

The first step in the PERM process is to file a Prevailing Wages Request with the State Workforce Agency. The Prevailing Wages Request is a very important step in this process because it tells us the proper wage that should be paid to a foreign national when they get approved for their green card. This is the wage that determines your company's advertising, what you put on your form, and the level of skill and jobs required. This step is very important, and it must be done correctly. That is why it is highly advisable to employ a PERM labor certification lawyer in Houston.

We cannot overstate how important this part of the PERM process is. If the job duties and everything else is not done correctly, they cannot be changed later. Any mistakes that are made in this first step are going to affect your application of a PERM per petition adversely.

Starting the Recruitment Process for Your Job

The US government would like to see that you have publicized your job so that American workers are aware of the opportunity and have a fair chance to apply for it. There are certain kinds of ads to be used. For example, there are ads that need to be placed with the State Workforce Agency, and they will have that ad on their website. You will need to have two Sunday ads in a major newspaper circulation as well. There are also some other steps and ads that are required here. Keep in mind that you will want to do all of your ads at once because you don't want to stretch this period of time for too long. Labor Certification, once approved, is only good for 180 days.

Contact an Experienced PERM Labor Certification Lawyer in Houston Today

After this is done, we will file the ETA 9089, which is the PERM application. It is highly recommended that you use a PERM labor certification lawyer in Houston because one tiny error can be a major setback for your company! Contact Fong Ilagan for a free consultation today and learn what you need to know about PERM.

PERM labor certification lawyer Houston
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PERM labor certification lawyer Houston
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