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Work Related Death

What Is Work Related Wrongful Death?

When a loved one dies in an accident at work, lives can be turned upside down with questons of how funeral costs are going to be paid, how the loss of a parent will impact children, and how the loss of income is going to impact the family? We understand how stressful it can be answering these questions and trying to imagine a life without your loved one.

With funerals costing thousands of dollars and the loss of income often in the tens to hundreds of thousands plus, rest assured that these expenses can be recovered. California law provides for loved ones when a work-related death has occurred, however such cases need to be filed within two years. Due to the nature of most accidents, such as exposure to toxins, vehicle accidents, mechanical failures, and more, it is important to seek the support of experienced legal counsel immediately before the quality of evidence begins to deteriorate.

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