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Defective Products

What Is Wrongful Death by Defective Products?

When a loved one dies, the weight of the loss can seem unbearable. For those who discover that their loss was caused by a manufacturer wanting to increase its profit margin, the tragedy can become a quest to uncover the truth behind their loved one’s death. All too often, manufacturers seek means of saving pennies on the production cost of a product without taking measures to notify customers of the risks associated with these changes.

What is a Defect?

There are three different types of defects that can lead to death: 1) marketing defects, 2) design defects, 3) manufacturing defects. A marketing defect occurs when a manufacturer or vendor fails to provide adequate warnings for using the product, whether the use is as instructed or not. A design defect occurs when there is an inherent risk associated with the design, such as sharp edges or fragile pieces that can be sharp when broken. Lastly, manufacturing defects occur when unintentional issues during the manufacturing process undermine the design and safety of a product.

Potentially Lethal Products

  • Toys
  • Airbags
  • Medications and Pill Bottles
  • Electronics and Power Tools
  • Motor Vehicles

What Compensation is Available?

Our experienced team of attorneys will work tirelessly to obtain the compensation you deserve.
We understand how painful the loss of a loved one can be, and the impact the loss can have on the livelihood of loved ones. No amount of money can bring your loved one back, but you can be relieved of responsibility for funeral costs, as well as receive compensation for emotional pain and suffering.

Furthermore, spouses can receive compensation for loss of companionship, children can receive compensation for loss of guidance and parental support, and parents can receive compensation for extreme emotional suffering.

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